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Jeder der selbst Poledance macht und Wert auf hochwertige Polewear legt, kennt auch Lunalae Polewear.

Lunalae Polewear ist eine australische Polewear-Marke, die 2016 in Sydney von der Modedesignerin Fion gegründet wurde. Die erfolgreiche Polewear Marke wird ausschließlich von Frauen geführt und kombiniert einzigartige, kreative und extravagante Styles mit sexy Designs. Seit einiger Zeit verwendet Lunalae auch zunehmend mehr recycelbare Materialien in seiner Produktion und produziert Mode, die auch abseits der Stange getragen werden kann, was ein Zeichen für Umweltbewusstsein und Nachhaltigkeit setzt.

Grund genug für uns, dir diese außergewöhnliche Polewear-Marke detaillierter vorzustellen. Wir haben mit Fion und Prachi von Lunalae gesprochen. Lies hier, wie die Idee zu Lunalae entstand, was Lunalae definiert und was wir in Zukunft von Lunalae erwarten können.

Das Interview wurde in Englisch geführt.

Polestore - First things first: Please tell us who you are and what your job is at Lunalae.

Fion - Hello! I am Fion, the Founder and Creative Director at Lunalae. I love bringing innovative ideas into my designs that can help my fellow polers feel secure while looking beautiful. I also enjoy being a Boss Lady to my amazing team of women who share my vision for empowering our customers through creating eco-friendly styles to be worn to pole, the gym, and beyond.

Prachi - Hey there! I am Prachi and I am Wholesale Accounts Manager at Lunalae. I look after Lunalae's b2b relations - strategies and implement customer acquisition, on-boarding them and maintaining cordial relations.

Polestore - When was Lunalae founded and how did the idea come up?

Prachi - Lunalae was created by fashion designer and pole instructor Fion San, who wanted to combine both of her passions, to create a unique product that excelled in design aesthetic as well as comfort, technical precision and functionality.

Polestore - If you had to describe Lunalae in 3 words, which would it be?

Fion - Innovative, inclusive, and sustainable.

Polestore - What makes Lunalae special?

Fion - Lunalae holds a special place in the pole wear industry because of our inclusivity and also our drive for creating beautiful, versatile outfits. You only need to step one foot (or heel) in a pole studio to see many of our stunning sets being worn by beginner to advance level polers.

Polestore - What is Lunalae particularly proud of?

Prachi - We are at the forefront of the growing pole dancing industry. There's no doubt that this industry has been heavily stigmatised in the past, however as we steer through 2021, we are proud of how our garments empower our customers to build their pole technique, unimaginable strength, and endurance and feel confident and beautiful doing so. We encourage women to pursue their passions and lift each other up.

Polestore - Who is behind Lunalae?

Prachi - Lunalae is backed by an all women team who love what they do. We have grown our team of ambitious, out of the box thinking, driven women, who seek to drive change in the industry. Our team comprises of about 12-15 strong, talented women who owns and drives customer service, dispatch, graphics, production, e-comm and wholesale. We are very proud and lucky to have a multi-talented team who can roll-up the sleeves to get any work done coming their way!

Polestore - How important is environmental protection to Lunalae?

Fion - Lunalae cares about fashion as well as the future. Each garment is designed and created with mother earth at the forefront of our minds, working towards a more sustainable future piece by piece.

Polestore - What is Lunalae doing for this?

Fion - Lunalae's sustainable approach to our garments can be seen in the design process. So many of our garments are constructed with Repreve, a material made from 100% recycled plastic, which transforms recycled bottles into an amazing fiber. We have ranges comprised of 100% biodegradable cotton material, and seek to ensure even the final details such as swing tags and postage parcels are biodegradable.

Polestore - What can we expect from Lunalae in the future?

Prachi - We believe it is important to move towards a more sustainable future. The exact answer may not be known, but if there is a will there is a way 😊 As we grow as a brand, we continue to search for more ways in which we can co-exist with mother earth, caring about fashion as well as our future.

Polestore - Thank you very much for your time, it was really nice speaking with you.

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