January 21, 2020 2 min read

1. Bare Facts

Pole dancing is only for strippers?

A classic! You go out and meet new people. You talk, everything is nice and funny. At some point, of course, the topic “What you open up to” comes up. This is usually the moment when I think in advance whether I want to have this conversation at all or whether I would rather disappear to the bar. Of course I do the best sport in the world but I just can't hear the following sentences anymore:

"Pole Dance? Is that about undressing?”

"So stripping isn't really my thing."

"Is that not embarrassing to you?"

And then, of course, the stupidly grinning looks of some of the men present in the direction of my husband with the addition: "You're fine." Or also "Do you have a pole like that in the bedroom too?" Dude ... really now?!

2. Pool dance?!

Pool dance or pole dance?

No, I don't dance in the pool. Also makes little sense. Training at home would also be really difficult. Especially with such a pool in the bedroom …. So my dears: It's called POLEdance and not pool dance. After all, we eat gnocchi and not gnocchi!

3. Summertime

Pole dancers in summer

In the summer months I feel torn inside. I love summer, swimming in the pool ;), eating ice cream, balmy summer nights, .... But when it comes to the bar, temperatures above 30 degrees just suck! And really! I slide and slide and slide. Simple upside down figures become a challenge and after 30 minutes I'm usually so disappointed that I give up completely. Small consolation: stretch! When the temperature is high, the muscles stay warm longer and stretching is faster J

4. Unpolished poles

Uncleaned pole dance poles are disgusting!

Your day has been exhausting. You managed to meet the deadline despite a sick colleague. The last time you had free time was 3 days ago. But yes!! Finally!! Tonight you have pole training again <3 You come to the studio. Finally switch off, finally meet the only people who understand you. Change quickly and off to "your" pole. And there it is: dirty, smeared, covered from top to bottom with an indefinable (and in the worst case already dried up) mixture of sweat, DryHands, Itac and co. gag!! How so? Why do you do that to a pole and yes to the other pole dancers too?! This is an appeal: Dear fellow user of my pole, next time after your training session, grab a scrap and clean our pole! It's not difficult at all and only takes 2 minutes. And best of all: Our beloved pole will get much older if kept and cared for in a manner appropriate to the species and we will have something of it longer before it is exchanged for one of these new slippery poles. Thanks :*

And now the other side!

Train your left side too!

Yes …. So I know you dear coaches out there mean well. Still, I hate it!!

Which one of you feels the same way? Have you already experienced one or the other? Let me know what you think of it in the comments!

Kind regards, your Isa!

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