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January 21, 2020 3 min read

1. The clothes

The right polewear is an important part of pole dancing

Let's be honest: what other sport has such cool clothes?! Sexy tops and shorts, lace fabric, cords, straps, ribbons, vinyl, latex, .... Yes, I admit that at first you are more practical. A panty from H&M or a simple shirt is enough. But wait a minute! After a while, the search for a new pole outfit becomes a real addiction. We browse online stores all over the world and our credit card would cry if it could. True to the motto: “No darling, that's not the same. The new course series starts next week. Then I have nothing else to wear!”

2. The shoes

Every pole dancer needs and loves them - Pleaser Higheels

At some point, every little girl stands in front of the large mirror at home when her parents aren't there and tries her way through mom's shoe closet. Sorry mom but yes that was one of my favorite things to do when you were away. And now we can even wear these super beautiful, shiny, gorgeous, glowing, fantastic high heels while working out! True to the motto: The higher the better! Pole dancers know this: you put on your shoes and take off everyday life. Transform yourself from a stressed-out mother, hard-working employee or tired self-employed person into a Pole Amazon. Your gait, the way you stand and move changes immediately. And the transformation begins.

3. The community

The pole community sticks together

I don't think there is any sport where there is so much love and appreciation between the athletes. Whether online or directly in pole dance lessons: we help each other, support each other and encourage each other to try the new trick again until it works. Together we fight for recognition and stand up for each other. The pole community is really something very special!

4. The pole effect

The pole effect - pole dance is a way of life

This effect can only be adequately described. It's a feeling that you have to experience to really understand. It starts with the first hour. You stand together with other girls in a room full of poles. One or the other shy smile is exchanged. Everyone wears shirts and longer shorts. After a few days or weeks it starts: The smile gets bigger and longer, the shorts get shorter and the shirts are replaced by tops. Friendships develop, self-confidence increases and you only talk and think about pole dance.

5. The self-confidence

Pole dancing increases self-confidence

Pole dance increases self-confidence like no other sport. Pole dancers stand by their bodies. Through pole dance we get to know and love our bodies. Because it enables us to do all these great things. We work to listen to him and recognize what we are actually capable of. And believe me when I tell you that we're capable of a lot!

6. Tolerance

Pole dance knows no borders

There are no limits to pole dancing. There are no terms like old or young, black or white, fat or thin here. We are all united in love for a unique and wonderful sport that breaks down boundaries and prejudices.

7. The sport

Pole dance is a wonderful sport that strengthens and stretches the whole body

In addition to all these great points, pole dancing is also a challenging sport that strengthens and stretches the body. All muscles are used. You often completely forget that you are actually training. Because it really just feels like fun. The time until the next pole hour can often be excruciatingly long.

8. The music

Pole dance combines dance to music and sport

The urge to dance to music is something completely natural. Everyone starts to move to a greater or lesser extent as soon as they hear music. With pole dance we can give in to this basic instinct wonderfully. We move our bodies to the rhythm of the music and combine dance with sport.

So if you still haven't signed up for the next trial lesson then I don't know what is!

You think something is missing from this list? Let me know in the comments.

Kisses and see you soon yours


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