August 10, 2020 4 min read

Pole burnout, what is it anyway? A good question!

Almost every pole dancer gets to this point at some point in their training. The training successes remain. Training becomes monotonous. The ideas for tricks and combinations become fewer. It's hard to find the motivation to dare to climb the bar. But what to do when you just don't feel like it anymore? How do you go on when you feel like you're just standing in line?

Here we have a few tips and tricks for you, with which you are guaranteed to enjoy the most beautiful sport in the world again and show the middle finger to pole burnout:

Tip number 1: It's ok

Yes, well, I admit that doesn't really sound like a tip. But think about it. We all put ourselves under pressure every day. Our work, our private life, friends, family, hobbies,... It is almost impossible to reconcile all these things and still not lose interest at the same time. Don't ask too much of yourself. It's okay not to feel like it. It's okay to not be in a good mood once in a while. It's ok if something doesn't work right away. It doesn't matter whether it's about pole dancing, your work or any other area of ​​your life: It's ok! Accept it if everything is not perfect and take the pressure off yourself. You will see how good it is for you! Long live anti-perfectionism!

Tip number 2: Back to the roots or slowing down

In the beginning pole dance is progressing very quickly. Once you get pole dancing fever, there's only one place you want to be, only one thing you really want to do. Yes, we know that :) Unfortunately, this fever also has side effects. We just rush from one level to the next, are very tipsy from our quick successes, train one trick after the other. In short we are addicted to pole dancing. The lack of success is then all the worse. Deliberately step on the brakes here. Take a step back. Do you really need to go to the next level again? Isn't it nice to repeat the current level or the current course? Try to consciously create a choreography with simple tricks and elements. Or refine your technique with tricks you have already learned. Many pole dancers think they can do a trick after they've done it a few times. But being able doesn't mean being able ;)

Tip number 3: Challenge yourself with your own challenges

Why always the same mishmash? Try a challenge! This challenges you, brings variety and motivates you at the same time. We already have a few ideas: Work out a complete choreo only on the wrong side. Practice a trick of your choice 5 times a day on each side for a week. Only use tricks from beginner courses for a choreo. Work out a choreo only on the floor or only on the barre. For a week, start every workout with a freestyle session to a specific song.

The list could go on forever. Be creative and have fun! The rest will come by itself ;)

Tip number 4: Try new things

Do you remember how you felt at the beginning? Everything was exciting, everything was fun. Why not have that feeling again? Try a different pole dance style. Have you tried Exoticpole? Or have you ever attended a contemporary pole class? What about Lyricalpole or Chinesepole? The best sport in the world is so versatile, there is something for every mood. And if you need a little more distance, try a completely different sport. Wonderful additions to pole dance are, for example, dance, yoga, acrobatics, gymnastics, climbing,...

Tip number 5: music, music, music

What would life be without music! Crank up your music, turn it up loud, and get going! Dance, feel the music, let go and move. Never mind what you look like or what other people would think if they saw you. It's just you and the music.

Tip number 6: Instagram

Instagram is a veritable treasure trove of inspiration. Where else can you find so many people with the same love for pole dancing as we do. Scroll through, follow the relevant hashtags and save your favorite videos. The next time you train, you won't be able to decide which trick to try first.

With all the great videos and pictures, please never forget one thing: Don't compare yourself to others! As great as Instagram is as a source of inspiration, it is nothing more and nothing less than that. You are amazing and perfect just the way you are. Your body is great and allows you to do so many things. Give him time and don't look at what others can do. See what you can do and be proud of it!

That's it for tips against pole burnout from us. We hope there was something for you. Do you have any other ideas on this topic? Tell us in the comments!

Thanks for reading and see you soon,

your Isabella

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