wir schliessen! polestore sagt danke für 11 wundervolle jahre und schliesst mit anfang dezember für immer. solltest du noch gutscheine haben, löse sie jetzt ein. es werden keine lieferungen mehr kommen. lediglich unsere lager werden abverkauft.


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Who is Sway Polewear?

Sway Polewear is a Polish polewear brand established in 2016. Founder Agata is a passionate pole dancer herself and fell in love with this great sport during her first trial lesson. The idea of producing her own pole dance clothing came to her soon after and that's how Sway Polewear was born. Sway stands for exclusive pole dance clothing for women who want to show the world how strong and beautiful they are. The brand attaches great importance to transparency and clarity throughout the manufacturing process. Sway relies on small, local manufacturing companies, personal contact and a love of animals. The collections deliberately avoid the use of animal materials such as silk, wool or leather.