The perfect pole dance top at Polestore

The perfect pole dance top not only looks good. It gives you support and safety thanks to the well thought-out cut and the breathable and stable fabric. It doesn't matter whether it's complicated figures on the pole dance pole, a sweaty training session in the gym or a strenuous floor work session. You just feel comfortable and safe in your pole dance top.

Awaken the goddess within you

The female body is a total work of art. With the right pole dance top, you can stage this work of art and let your inner goddess shine. Sexy, playful, elegant, sporty, functional... Our range of pole dance tops is as diverse as we women are.

That special thing about a pole dance top from Polestore

Are you wondering why you should find what you are looking for with us? Or why you shouldn't just use a sports bra from H&M because it's cheaper? Well, as so often in life, it's the details that make the big difference. All pole dance tops in our range come from well-known manufacturers such as Mika Yoga Wear, Dragonfly, PoleFit by Bad Kitty or RAD Polewear. These manufacturers develop their cuts in collaboration with pole dancers from all over the world. Every seam, every cut is carefully thought out and deliberately placed in this or that place. The focus is always on comfort and the well-being of the wearer.

The quality decides

Ultimately, however, our own test decides whether a pole dance top makes it into our range or not. Every single sports top, pole dance short, shirt and grip has been tested by us during training and found to be good. We stand behind all of our products 100%.