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Build your pole

Build your pole!

If only everything were that easy ;)

Your room is too high for a normal pole dance pole from X-Pole? No problem! Then you build your own.

Regular pole sets from X-Pole may only be extended to a maximum height of 3.37m. Larger heights are not possible due to a lack of stability. If your room height is over 3.37m, you need a competition pole. This is a special pole

  • which is adjusted to your room height
  • whose wall thickness is twice as thick to offer more stability at great heights
  • which is screwed to the ceiling and cannot slip
  • which can be individually adapted to your needs in terms of coating and diameter
  • which consists of fewer but longer individual parts in order to use as few extensions as possible

The maximum height for a competition pole is 4m. For even higher rooms, the only option is to use an X-Stage .

Depending on the height, a competition pole costs about twice as much as a regular pole set.

If you want to order a competition pole or have any questions on the subject, simply contact us at office@polestore.at. We're happy to help!

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