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Calm down and relax

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Just calm down and relax! You have a busy day behind you? Is everything still sore from your last training session? Is your back very stiff from sitting too much? Then this package is just right for you! It contains:

  • A Blackroll foam roller
  • A black roll ball
  • A blackroll duo ball
  • A back warmer
  • A leg warmer

With the Blackroll foam roller, you simply roll out each of your tired and tense muscles. The two balls from Blackroll also help you to get to deep-lying tension points. This way you can easily relax your whole body. The back warmer always keeps your muscles nice and warm. It is also your perfect companion on cold days and works wonders with PMS. The legwarmers made of cuddly soft material are super long and even have to be gathered to fit your leg. They keep your legs nice and warm, whether you're training or just because it's cooler outside.

And the best thing about this package is that you are guaranteed to reach your flexy goals even faster with it. Because both the heat from leg warmers and back warmers as well as the muscle relaxation and trigger point therapy from the Blackroll products help you to achieve success faster and also reduce the risk of injury.

Simply choose the color or size of the individual components and you're ready to go.