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Pleaser Flamingo 1020 Boot 8 inch Velor Beige

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Hot - Hotter - Flamingo! Pleaser USA's Flamingo Boots are a hit with pole dancers. Especially in the exotic pole area you can't avoid these boots. With these 8 inch beauties you can transform yourself into a sexy pole girl in no time! The shoe is made of imitation suede with eyelets in the lower area and laced with hooks further up. A zipper on the inside makes it easy to put on and take off.


  • Heel: 8 inch (about 20cm)
  • Platform: 4 inch (about 10cm)
  • Upper material suede imitation
  • Padded insole Zipper on the inside Lace-up eyelets and hooks
  • Turns out normal


Pleaser USA GmbH was founded in 1993 and has set itself the task of realizing the wishes of its customers for alternative, unconventional and extraordinary shoes. PLEASER is just one of a total of 8 brands from Pleaser USA GmbH. The PLEASER brand stands for sensuality, sex appeal, wildness and exoticism. The beautiful and exquisite high heels are loved and worn by thousands of people worldwide. PLEASER high heels are even proudly presented on the front pages of well-known magazines or in film and television productions. PLEASER is undeniably the most famous brand in the world when it comes to sexy high heels!

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