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LOOP BANDS are an innovation in the fitness band sets market and have been specially developed for training small muscle chains. Targeted training of these muscles reduces your risk of injury and improves your body statics. At the same time, with the fitness band set, you train those muscles that are not used at all or only slightly in other sports.

As flexible and handy training tools, the LOOP fitness bands can be used wherever you want to do a sports session. This can be at home, during the lunch break in the office or after work in the park. The fitness bands are each 32 centimeters long and can be used flexibly as a set for many different exercises.

A textile material is processed here, which ensures greater training comfort. At the same time, the textiles used are particularly skin-friendly and have a pleasant feel even after prolonged use. In the LOOP BANDS fitness band set you get three different band resistance levels. The orange model offers you a light resistance, the green model a medium resistance and the blue model a high resistance.

Functional training with the LOOP BANDS

Whether in the gym, in your own living room, in the park or when traveling - the LOOP BANDS in a set allow you functional training wherever you want to do something for your fitness and special muscle chains. Due to the natural rubber woven into skin-friendly textile fibers, you will not experience any annoying pulling on your skin during training and there will be no reddening of the skin's surface. At the same time, you can change the intensity and scope of your training every day. Due to the many options for designing the exercises, you won't get bored during training and it's fun to keep fit in a targeted manner.

  • Before each workout, you should check the fitness bands for damage and only use undamaged material.
  • Get into the workout slowly, using a low-resistance LOOP BAND.
  • You can gradually increase the scope of your exercises and switch to models with higher resistance.
  • A slow and steady pace is important when performing your exercises. Also, make sure you breathe evenly.
  • The exhalation should occur during the strenuous part of the exercise with the LOOP BANDS.
  • If pain occurs, you should stop training immediately and seek the advice of a specialist.


BLACKROLL offers people of all ages and sports levels the opportunity to easily and effectively improve their flexibility, balance, mobility and strength through intensive self-massage and functional training. BLACKROLL is a young, innovative company that works in collaboration with athletes, scientists, doctors and therapists to develop health-promoting products that everyone can use to increase the elasticity of muscles and fascia and improve well-being. With little effort, everyone can make an active contribution to greater fitness, higher performance and their own health.

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