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Just do it now!

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Just do it now! According to Steffi's motto, today is the day you start. Not tomorrow, not yesterday but exactly today the rest of your life begins and it is up to you how you spend it.

In this set you can expect:

  • A basic legging
  • A work out shirt
  • A yoga mat

The basic leggings are one of Steffi's favorites with their high waistband and great wearing comfort. We are convinced that you too will fall in love with these great leggings. The work out shirt is comfortable to wear with the generous cutouts on the side and not only looks good during training. With its non-slip surface and wonderful colors, the yoga mat from Yogistar is a must-have for every flexy lady.

Since the shirt is unfortunately no longer in production, the following applies here: Once it is gone, it is gone forever . So get yourself a package at a special price before it's gone.

You simply choose the color of the mat and the size of the shirt and leggings and you already benefit from the package price compared to the individual price.