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Monkey Hands Grip Classic 80ml

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Monkey Hands Grip is an innovative and new gel-based grip agent. Specially developed for pole dance, it caters exactly to the needs of this sport. Monkey Hands Grip is available in 3 different versions:

Classic (Blue): Stops the annoying sweating of your hands and gives a little extra grip. Perfect for more experienced pole dancers and pole dancers who don't have problems with their grip.

Sticky (red): Helps against sweaty hands just like the classic version, but also gives stronger grip. Just the right thing for pole dance beginners but also for advanced pole dancers who have problems with sweaty hands.

Sensitive (Purple): Like the blue Classic variant in terms of effectiveness. In order to avoid skin irritation in sensitive pole dancers, the sensitive version also contains a few other additives such as aloe vera and is therefore milder on the skin.

Unlike most other grip products, Monkey Hands Grip does not contain pine tar. Pine tar is a substance that is very difficult to remove using chemicals such as acetone and will gradually attack the coating on poles. However, residues of Monkey Hands Grip can be easily removed with a damp (water) cloth. Of course, please dry your poles thoroughly afterwards. In addition, Monkey Hands Grip is free of aluminum and parabens. As the only grip agent manufacturer, Monkey Hands packs its products in special air-free cans that use a vacuum effect to ensure that you really get everything out of your bottle.

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Monkey Hands produces a variety of grip products for all kinds of sports. The company from Brazil responds individually to the respective needs of the athletes. Whether climbing, pole dance, crossfit, calisthenic or weightlifting: Monkey Hands has its own product for every athlete, tailored to them.

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