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Pole dance & Fitness DVD Intermediate

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Pole dance pro Jeannine Wilkerling brings the fitness trend home to you. Together with Anne-Marie Kot and Natalie Schönberger, she will show you how you can expand your own potential in figures based on the Pole Sports Basics. Step by step, designed as a training lesson, the exercises on the rotating bar, inverts and many other challenging figures are shown. With appropriately intensive training, you can use them to make your own choreography much more spectacular. Pole dancing is the key to a full-body fitness workout that leaves plenty of room for your own creativity. This training program opens up many opportunities for you to rediscover your own performance limits.

Jeannine Wilkerling: German pole dance champion from 2007 to 2010. The pioneer of pole sports founded the "Pole Dance Academy". Jeannine is now an internationally sought-after expert and passes on the values that have always distinguished her: discipline, innovation and creativity. With specialist courses and the organization of international competitions, she drives the development of the Pole Sports Lobby.

Natalie Schöneberger: Artistic and artistically elegant. The graceful athlete is a feast for the eyes. In 2011 she became German Champion in the Newcomer category. In 2012, Natalie celebrated her first European Champion title among professionals. In August 2013 she was awarded the golden youth flag.

Anne-Marie Kot: Powerful, acrobatic, accurate and precise. With the World Championship title for amateurs in 2012, participation in the finals of the German Championships in 2013 and the title "Miss Pole Dance Germany", she has arrived at the top of German pole sports.

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