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Pole Dancerka Knee Pads Shiny Red

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Poledancerka's kneepads are a must-have for every pole dancer! Whether you want to use them for floorwork, twerk, pole dance or as an accessory. The soft material feels great and protects your knees from those nasty hard floors. The quilted front makes it a real eye-catcher. The kneepads are open on the back so that they don't get in the way of figures on the pole dance pole. On the side parts there are small areas with more grip so that you can get some extra support here. The kneepads in black and nude have pockets on the inside where you can put extra pads for more protection. The pads are sold separately in black and nude.


  • Innovative and aesthetic
  • Extra thin with extra soft filling
  • Super light
  • cuddly
  • Open back for more grip on the pole and better air permeability
  • Vegan friendly

Perfect for pole dance, modern dance, twerking, indoor sports and much more.


pole dancerka

Poledancerka was founded in 2015 in Ljubljana, Slovenia. The company has gone from strength to strength since it started. Pole stars like Marion Crampe, Maddie Sparkle, Sergia Louise Anderson, Phoenix Kazree and Amy Hazel love the sensual, playful and high-quality products.

Poledancerka produces sporty dancewear from high-quality materials. The mix of bright colors, elegant cuts and high-quality materials makes Poledancerka one of the leading brands in the pole dance clothing sector. But Poledancerka is really famous for its super sexy knee pads. These are in great demand, especially in exotic pole and twerking.

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