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Tula Starlit Sparkles Top

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Tula Starlit Sparkles Top - Special Edition! Exactly the right thing for your big performance! The handcrafted Swarovsky crystals give the great Tula top an additional wow! All the advantages of the Tula top in combination with the Swarovski crystals make it THE must-have for your performance! This top is sexy, versatile and comfortable. The fabric hugs your body and covers everything even during the most complicated moves! Perfect for pole, yoga and dance.

Material: Polyester 90%, Lycra 10%


Mika Yoga Wear

Mika Yoga Wear is cuddly, sexy yoga clothing at a fair price. These garments move with your body and hug it without losing its shape. All pieces from Mika Yoga Wear can be combined and worn as desired. This results in a constantly new style. Mika Yoga Wear is a family run business. The company's focus is on fairness, openness, friendliness and curiosity, which is also reflected in the wonderful designs. Mika Yoga Wear cares deeply about our planet, her customers and her employees.

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