X-Pole Pole Sport Powder Coated Black 45mm

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The X-Pole Sport pole dance pole was primarily developed for pole dance beginners, but is also ideal for professionals! It is super easy to set up from the ground without additional tools and is rock solid. If you do want to take it with you, all the parts can be conveniently stored in the carrying bag provided. In contrast to the Xpert Pole, the Sport Pole is a purely static pole dance pole. It cannot therefore be rotated around its own axis. All in all a great entry-level model with an unbeatable price-performance ratio!

A NOTICE: If you have any questions about the height, you will find a detailed graphic on this topic under the item size table. If you have any further questions or anything is unclear, please do not hesitate to contact us office@polestore.at .

Notes on the powder-coated finish:

The powder coating is available in black and pink (Sport poles) or black, pink and white (Xpert poles). It enables extremely good grip and is therefore very suitable for pole dancers who have poor grip on regular metal poles. But please be careful with drops or the like: If there is a lot of friction, this coating will generate extreme heat, which can sometimes lead to burns! Powder-coated pole dance poles are also suitable for people with nickel allergies.

The properties of the X-Pole Sport pole at a glance:

  • Can be assembled from the ground without extra tools or a ladder
  • Patented X-Joint system for smooth and even transitions between the individual pole parts
  • Narrow ceiling plate for safe installation even under narrow beams
  • Static only (no spinning mode)
  • With the standard set, a ceiling height of 2.24m - 2.74m is reached (if you have a higher or lower ceiling, you will find the appropriate extensions here and a height table below.)
  • Assembly tool (Allen key) included
  • Easy to transport with the included carry bag
  • Available in 40mm and 45mm diameters
room height


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But that's not all! X-POLE is represented around the world in all large and small competitions and events related to pole dance and aerial acrobatics and is therefore always up to date and very close to the actual events.

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