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The Xpert pole from X-Pole is THE ultimate pole dance pole. It was developed in cooperation with pole dancers and has been continuously improved over the years. It was only in 2014 that it was overhauled in order to adapt to the constantly growing demands of the pole dance scene. And now, in 2021, it has been improved again.

A NOTICE: If you have any questions about the height, you will find a detailed graphic on this topic under the item size table. If you have any further questions or anything is unclear, please do not hesitate to contact us office@polestore.at .

Notes on chrome plating:

Chrome is the most common of the X-Pole coatings. It is the most affordable and suitable for all skin types and climatic conditions. Only people allergic to nickel should not choose this coating because it contains nickel! For you we recommend the coatings stainless steel, powder-coated, silicone or brass.

Features of the new X-Pole Xpert pole at a glance:

  • NEW 2021: Uniformly long B poles. The B-poles of all pole types (Sport, Xpert and Pro Xpert) are now the same length, namely 1100mm
  • NEW 2021: Smaller ceiling plate. The ceiling plate is now the same as the Pro Xpert pole. It is smaller and less conspicuous, but is still well protected against slipping thanks to the rubber ring
  • NEW 2021: No more tote bag. Most poles are only used at home or in a specific place. So in order not to waste unnecessary carrier bags that only gather dust in drawers anyway, these can now only be bought on extra order. This is how we avoid waste and raw materials
  • NEW: Auxiliary lines facilitate the structure
  • NEW: New, reinforced and coated Allen key and new, reinforced and larger screws prevent the screws from wearing out and make handling easier
  • NEW: improved xjoints to avoid rotating in the bar
  • NEW: Improved surface for more grip
  • Can be assembled from the ground without extra tools or a ladder
  • Patented X-Joint system for smooth and even transitions between the individual pole parts
  • The thread for height adjustment is provided with a cover and does not interfere with training
  • Easy to switch between static and spinning mode using the Allen key included in the set
  • Flexible floor attachment for stability even on slightly uneven floors
  • With the standard set, a ceiling height of 2.285m - 2.785m is reached (if you have a higher or lower ceiling, you will find the appropriate extensions here and a height table below.)
  • Assembly tool (Allen key) included
  • Available in diameters of 40mm and 45mm
room height


X-POLE is the world leader in pole dance, pole fitness, pole sports, aerial acrobatics and aerial fitness. All products have been specially developed in collaboration with the best and most well-known athletes in the industry and are constantly being improved. All products and items are regularly subjected to strict tests to ensure the proven X-POLE quality.

But that's not all! X-POLE is represented around the world in all large and small competitions and events related to pole dance and aerial acrobatics and is therefore always up to date and very close to the actual events.

Polestore is an authorized reseller of X-POLE products. We would be happy to advise you on your purchase and help you with any further questions!

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